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Static security guards

All of our guards are SIA accredited and a majority of our security officers are ex forces or former Police officers so you are assured of our quality and integrity.

Contact us before you take on any other security company for a full needs analysis to find out exactly what your site requires.

We are able to provide solutions for your short term or long term contracts for all your static guard needs.

As well as first class security and detection dogs we are able to provide security for sites and areas where guarding is required.

To many companies security is an expensive business with no visible returns for there hard earned cash, the issue is that you can’t quantify crime prevention. If nothing is stolen or damaged is it the presence of the security that has prevented it ?

An example would be the company which had security on site every night from closing for three years, they decided during austere times that they would dispose of the services of the security company. Within three months the company had suffered bigger losses than paying for the overnight security.

The security company is now back onsite and took the step of increasing the price of the security officers, something which would not have happened if they had been deployed on site without a break in the contract.

Penny wise pound foolish as some would say.

Years of experience in law enforcement ensures our guards have the training and experience to deal with all situations effectively.

PR for the company Control room

Our patrol officers checking in with control room

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Whether its business premises or or your private residence we are able to provide security 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Together with our security dog teams all trained to NASDU standards we are able to provide a comprehensive security solution